Teacher’s survey: Does Governor Justice REALLY love you?

IF  Governor Jim Justice really “LOVES” teachers (as he’s claimed,) then why doesn’t he issue an Executive Order granting them the “Right to Strike“?

A. Because he doesn’t understand that the foundation of all true love is RESPECT.

B. Because he’d basically say anything to persuade teachers to stop picketing and get back to work.

C. BE PATIENT! Governor Coaligarch actually will grant our educators the right to strike. Suuurre …Right about the same time that our current statehouse mercenaries agree to raise severance taxes on the natural gas industry by 2.5%. Which, by the way, is the amount the teachers movement believe would raise enough revenue to increase the wages of public school workers. BTW he won’t increase it on coal because he can’t afford to. Mainly because he actually sends Russia 3 bucks for every metric ton of coal he extracts from those mines he helped his Russian pals launder all those millions with.

D. None of the above (insert your own comment).

Below are several photos of the Public Employee’s candle light vigil on at the State Capitol:                                                                  Photos by Mountain Party Executive Chair Jesse Johnson.        

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