Resolution Ratified in Support of WV Communications Workers

CWA Frontier members on strike.

CWA members in West Virginia and Ashburn, Virginia covered under the “CWA 142” contract went on strike at midnight on March 4, 2018. Visit the WV CWA – Fighting for Our Future Facebook page for the latest news.

On Sunday, March 18, 2018, the following Resolution was ratified by unanimous consent by a quorum of the Mountain Party State Executive Committee in support of those Communications Workers of America who are currently on strike against Frontier Communications.

  • WHEREAS FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS, INC., has shown no evidence of bargaining in good faith to come to an equitable contract with its employees and members of the COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS of AMERICA in nearly two years.
  • WHEREAS the COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS of AMERICA are engaged in peaceful job actions and a strike against FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS, INC.,
  • WHEREAS FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS, INC., is providing substandard service to West Virginia subscribers, implying that the fault for such service lies with the striking employees;
  • WHEREAS FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS, INC., has hired strike breakers to harass, provoke, and intimidate members of the COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS of AMERICA as they peacefully exercise their rights as American citizens and wage earners.
  • BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE MOUNTAIN PARTY OF WEST VIRGINIA  calls upon the Honorable Judge CHARLES KING of Kanawha County, WV to voluntarily and unilaterally lift the temporary injunction order issued by himself against the COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS OF AMERICA,
  • BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE MOUNTAIN PARTY OF WEST VIRGINIA calls upon FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS, INC., to bargain in good faith with the members of the COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS OF AMERICA to reach a fair and equitable settlement of the issues confronting both parties. 
Resolution Author & Sponsor: Danny Lutz, District 16 Representative Mountain Party Executive Committee

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Solutions & Resolutions: FOR WV Teachers and all Public Employees

On February 18, 2018, Mountain Party leaders passed a Resolution* supporting all teachers, school service personnel and public employees who are fed up with low pay and ever increasing health insurance costs. The Mountain Party further recognizes that these problems persisted even prior to the current GOP control of West Virginia’s statehouse and Executive branch.

Back in 2014, Mountain Party leaders passed a resolution supporting full collective bargaining rights for all Public Employees, including the right to strike. We found it necessary to do so because Statehouse Democratic leaders in the majority under Governors Tomblin and Manchin for too long had also neglected to properly pay teachers or fix ever-growing PEIA problems. Manchin did he did propose and get a small raise, but he froze all public employee wages before Earl Ray was elected governor.

But hey, come to think of it, if ANY past WV governor really respected public educators, he would have granted teachers the right-to-strike by Executive Order! And even if current state lawmakers manage to pass an acceptable pay raise this year, the same problems will continue to persist. That’s because the leaders of both current “ruling” Parties in West Virginia will NEVER pass right-to strike  legislation just like they NEVER tax major corporations in accordance with what they extract from the State.

Instead, BOTH “D’s” and “R’s” have historically balanced the State budget by unfairly squeezing our poor and working class through regressive taxes like our General Sales Tax scheme.

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which basically cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. In 2016 WV lawmakers had already cut severance taxes on coal by $50 million a year. This session, WV lawmakers are now considering the elimination of corporate business and inventory taxes, as proposed by a Governor who stands to personally gain millions through his many coal operations here.

Mountain Party leaders believe that to keep current and future lawmakers focused on meeting the needs of all of West Virginia’s struggling Public Employees, it is critical to find, and promote truly progressive candidates. Including those who will not only introduce, but push hard for legislation that will lawfully grant the right for all Public Educators the right to strike.


Tom Rhule
Communication Director
304 989 1629

*WHEREAS the MOUNTAIN PARTY of WEST VIRGINIA, Affiliate of the Green Party of the United States, stands for economic justice for all Americans, including the right to bargain collectively for wages, benefits, working conditions, and the right to engage in peaceful job actions,

BE IT RESOLVED that the MOUNTAIN PARTY of WEST VIRGINIA stands in solidarity with the sisters and brothers of organized labor in West Virginia and the West Virginia AF of L-CIO representing teachers, service personnel, state employees, police, and emergency first responders in their calls to the West Virginia State Legislature to immediately send to the Governor bills providing for meaningful pay increases for these persons and a bills assuring the financial soundness and the promised coverages and indemnities of the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency.
BE IT RESOLVED that the MOUNTAIN PARTY of WEST VIRGINIA stands in solidarity with all unions and crafts, and encourages these sisters and brothers of the affected professions to obtain the ends so described in this resolution.


Author & Sponsor: Dan Lutz, Mountain Party State Executive Committee Chair, District 16

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Resolution to Ban Extreme Extraction

On September 30, 2014, a quorum of the State Executive Council for the Mountain Party of West Virginia passed the following Resolution to ban extreme extraction by unanimous vote*:

WHEREAS in the wake of the West Virginia American Water Crisis the pollution in streams, rivers, and other source waters from the mountain top removal of coal and associated operations, as well as the high pressure high volume hydrofracking of the Marcellus have caused the serious decline of public health and the economies of communities across the State; and

WHEREAS WV Lawmakers continue to allow the injection of coal prep slurry into abandoned coal mines despite the mounting evidence that doing so has poisoned the source waters for a number of our rural communities; and

WHEREAS there is official government documentation that the State of West Virginia has improperly permitted wastewater containing toxic amounts of radium along with other hazardous waste byproducts from horizontally hydrofracking the Marcellus to be injected into Class II underground wells; and,

WHEREAS Class II underground injection wells were never designed for hazardous wastes and therefore are insufficient to properly sequester such wastes from our drinking water sources; and,

WHEREAS there are currently over seven hundred Class II underground injection wells as documented by the EPA within the borders of our State; and,

WHEREAS since 2007, improperly marked tanker trucks are known to have dumped hazardous Marcellus drilling waste fluid onto roadways, into rural streams, rivers, and abandoned coal mines within the borders of our State; and,

WHEREAS in 2011 it was reported to the Joint Legislative Oversight Commission on State Water Resources that many millions of gallons of the waters of the State were being diverted for use to high pressure horizontally hydrofrack the Marcellus, but 62 percent of which is not being properly accounted for by that industry; and,

WHEREAS in Sept. of 2011, when passing into law governor Tomblin’s Horizontal Well Act (H.B. 401), WV Lawmakers wrongfully assigned the WV Department of Environmental Protection to measure, regulate and report on the radioactive waste byproducts produced by high pressure horizontal hydrofracking, and,

Whereas the aforementioned HB 401 remains in direct conflict with West Virginia Code of State Regulations §64-23-16, the proper title being “Radiation Safety Requirements for Technologically Enhanced Radioactive Materials (TENORM),” which mandates all oversight and regulatory authority including measurement, storage, and disposal for such radioactive waste to West Virginia’s Department of Health and Human Resources where that agency’s health experts must be mandated to be properly trained to protect West Virginia’s citizens and their future generations from the ravages caused by the mishandling of TENORM; and,

WHEREAS during the last regular session of year 2013,, WV lawmakers passed Senate Bill 243 to amend governor Tomblin’s Horizontal Well Act which now grants drilling companies the right to keep from public scrutiny the countless proprietary chemicals which are known to be used during the hydraulic fracturing process; and,

Whereas SB 243 now enacted essentially prevents well owners and public water providers from knowing which particular chemicals may be in their source waters thus preventing proper monitoring against contamination; and,

WHEREAS by 2014, numerous water wells both private and publicly owned are now known to have been compromised by the careless mishandling of toxic chemicals and associated waste byproducts of high pressure high volume horizontal hydrofracking operations across the State; and,

WHEREAS the Bill of Rights to the West Virginia Constitution prominently places the health, safety and welfare of the People of the State above all corporate right to profit from the aforementioned fossil fuel industries as they are presently permitted by State and Federal regulators and their respective governments:

BE IT RESOLVED that we, the Citizens of the Great State of West Virginia and members of the Mountain Party call for the ban of all surface mine and high pressure horizontal hydrofracking operations within our borders because every chemical associated with these extraction industries must be safely handled, properly identified, registered, prominently labeled, and regulations enforced. This moratorium resolution shall include every chemical substance, whether used or produced, organic or inorganic, in every phase of each industrial process including mixing. use. storage, transport and disposal.

Be it further resolved that the Mountain Party believes that the long term negative economic and environmental consequences of the aforementioned extreme extraction fossil fuel industry techniques dwarf the short term economic benefits to the Great State of West Virginia, and that all political and legal means must be implemented to protect the health, safety, and welfare of her Citizens.

*After the above Resolution to ban extreme extraction was passed, the following informational paragraph has been proposed to be appropriately inserted in accordance with the timeline of the Resolution:

Whereas, in 2009, tests by the State of New York of 24 samples of Marcellus flowback from 24 of 24 West Virginia and Pennsylvania hydrofracked wells back in revealed the presence in toxic quantities 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide, one of the most cancer-causing toxins known to man, for which the State of WV has not, and is not currently testing in any drinking water source; and,


For more information, please contact Tom Rhule, Communications Director, by emailing  mountainpartywv at


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