Gubernatorial Roundtable

Gubernatorial Roundtable

Fellow Appalachian,

This is to invite your participation in a gubernatorial roundtable Tues. April 5 from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock p.m. at Geary Hall, University of Charleston. It is open to the public (RSVP requested). The format is a “round table” discussion, and I believe that if there is time, public comments and questions will be fielded by the candidates.

If you can’t attend but are still interested in participating, the host, Create WV, will be live streaming and hopefully simultaneously taking live text from people who sign up ahead of time.

Signing up ahead of time may give you a chance to explain why West Virginians don’t vote, or perhaps make the comment that you don’t trust any of them. By the way, no Mountain Party candidate was invited basically because we haven’t nominated anyone yet.

“Sir, I won’t support you basically because I know exactly what your Political Party represents here in West Virginia!”

To get the Create WV text survey bot to work properly, you need to simply text the word  hello  to

1 304 303 6626

then wait for the response.

You may want to text that before you pledge your support for either the current Republocrat or last year’s Dempublican lite, you want to wait to find out who the Mountain Party nominee is. FYI we nominate by convention.

You may also want to let everyone know that YOU know why no one shows up to vote in WV gubernatorial primaries. It’s obviously because the two establishment parties haven’t really fielded a decent governor for just about as long as anyone can recall.

Wait till you see who the one truly populist, progressive party nominates in July. Our nominees have never failed to inspire people to vote. Our biggest problem has always been getting our candidate recognized for what they stand for, because they’ve always been “trumped” in statewide media coverage by the extraction industry mercenaries.

Extraction of natural resources has always been the one platform plank shared by West Virginia’s two establishment political parties. The result is that we, the people, are forced to sacrifice our environment, and subsequently our health so that big industry can extract our natural resources as cheaply as possible.

People are now fleeing from West Virginia in droves as the health of our communities decline. Young people leave for states with more diverse economies as the Coalocrats and Gaspublicans bend over backwards to maintain the status quo.  Meanwhile they adamantly refuse to require extraction industries to simply pay their fair share for the devastation they wreak as they wring our communities dry.

Don’t sit home this year to just settle for the evil of two lessors. Seriously consider someone who will take WV out of the dark ages. The Mountain Party Platform may be found at the following link:

Create WV’s Text phone number is:


text hello (in lower case)
And the Roundtable event page is!april-5-roundtab

-Tom Rhule
Communications Director
WV Mountain Party

-Sent from Mountain Party cellphone



“We’ve chosen five citizens representing education, women, tele-commuters, minorities, young adults, tech entrepreneurs, energy, ethics, community health, and community/economic development to present in-depth questions to the four candidates for governor.  The five host interviewers were selected from a field of 36 West Virginians nominated by the Create West Virginia planning team in conjunction with board members.”

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