WV Mountain Party FAQs

WV Mountain Party FAQs

Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

BE the Solution!

Why join a Political Party?

Unless you happen to be very wealthy, the most direct way for We, the People, to effectively confront the abuse of power so common among WV’s elected officials is to join a Political Party. Active participation in a Political Party empowers YOU to shape the debate by collectively amplifying your influence over how elected politicians either promote, or block, legislation that affects your family, friends, and community.

Why support a “Third” Party?

West Virginia’s rapidly diminishing population is proof positive that our “Two Party System” promotes the excesses of large corporations above the best interests of our communities. Support for the right “Third” Party by you and your fellow citizens is the only logical way to naturally restore Governing Power to the People of our fossil fuel-rich, yet rapidly diminishing State.

Why choose the West Virginia Mountain Party?

Since our beginning, the Mountain Party Platform and Bylaws have focused on truly representing the rights of all citizens. That’s why Our Platform and Bylaws are your assurance that:

  • Mountain Party leaders have –and will always– avoid the mercenary pitfalls inherent to WV’s “mainstream” political system. That’s because:
  • Mountain Party members are truly focused on restoring governing power back to the people.

FACT: Voters have enabled the Mountain Party to maintain full ballot access far longer than any Third Party in the history of the State! That’s because throughout the years, all of our Elected Leaders and Nominees have lived up to the honorable ideals expressed in our Platform!

For more info about the Mountain Party, our Platform, and bylaws,
visit mountainpartywv.com/about-us or call 304 989 1629

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2017 Mountain Party FAQs

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