Congratulations, WV Progressives!!

Congratulations, WV Progressives!!

Congratulations, Fellow West Virginia Activists! Getting all those great Progressive issues in the WV Democratic Platform is truly exciting.

Unfortunately, the problem this election cycle is that the current crop of WV Dem candidates represent the old platform. FOR EXAMPLE, just how much of this wonderful new platform does the top of the Dem ticket represent?

Not long ago, GRIST reported the following:

Justice’s coal companies, some inherited after his father’s death in 1993, have racked up millions in fines for labor, safety, and environmental violations. In November, NPR reported that Justice owed nearly $2 million in overdue fines.

Stephanie Langley, Chair of Statewide Organization for Community Empowerment’s Energy, Ecology, and Environmental Justice Committee, observed

 “While Jim Justice and his associates disregard the most basic of permitting procedures, folks who live near these mine sites and discharge points are being subjected to an unknown amount of toxic materials being dumped into their streams and rivers.  There is no question as to if pollutants are being discharged, it is only a question of how much and when. While it is a shame that citizens have to file lawsuits to protect the health of our communities while regulatory agencies sit idly by, our hope is that this effort will bring some transparency to Jim Justice’s operations in Tennessee.”

dead horse

Does anyone believe that WV Dempublican Candidate Jim Justice will drop out of the race just because of the new platform? .

Beloved fellow activist Judy Bonds used to say that there are no jobs without clean water. Droves of people for far too long have been leaving the state for want of jobs and clean water. It’s why 25,000 people left Dem Governor Tomblin’s home county of Logan while he served as Senate President. And current Senate President/ Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Cole’s own Mercer county has been circling the drain for as long as anyone can recall.

Count on WV Libertarians to once again run someone on its unsustainable Platform of deregulation and elimination of all corporate taxes.

So while it is truly wonderful that with this new WV  Dem Platform the State appears to moving in the right direction, it is unfortunately too late to make a difference this election cycle.

The Mountain Party’s platform has been rock-solid Progressive for as long as we’ve been in existence (sixteen years). Though we haven’t yet chosen who to run for governor this cycle, I can personally guarantee that whomever that is will be as Progressive as our Platform and those who are already running downticket on it.

Before making your decision to settle on the lesser of two evils by NOT voting for governor this cycle, just wait until our Convention on July 16, when the Mountain Party is scheduled to formally announce its gubernatorial candidate.  We also plan to once again announce which candidates (if any) we will endorse regardless of Party affiliation, as true representatives of Progressive values.

Tom Rhule
Communication Director
304 989 1629
ps: Thanks, April, for sharing this great news with me (see below).


I just got back from the Democratic convention, and what a GAS! It was long, hard work and not a little frustration, but in the end, totally AWESOME!
We adopted several resolutions to include the following on the Party platform:
  • legalization of MJ, MMJ, and industrial hemp (all three!)
  • non-discrimination in housing and employment
  • affirmative consent (these two came from the Young Democrats!)
  • improved Medicare
  • examination of the severance tax structure
  • a BAN on fracking (Thanks to the Frackistan delegates for bringing this to the floor!!!)
  • a BAN on MTR (there were some eloquent speakers for this!)
  • protection of our water (Thank you, Maury Johnson, for authoring the amended language to this!)
  • automatic voter registration
  • removal of the ratification deadline on the ERA
  • public funding of campaigns and a repeal of Citizens United !!!
This is incredible to me! I feel it is quite progressive, and quite a departure from Business as Usual. It was very ubiquitous (it seemed most everyone was voting the same way), and sudden. I think it was Bernie’s influence.
It isn’t over for Bernie. They are recounting in CA.
I got to see a lot of friends and make some new ones. 
I count myself lucky. I count us ALL lucky.
The party still has big hurdles and still isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot closer than it was! A LOT of people there were genuinely concerned about our WATER.

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