National Sanders Grassroots Group Endorses Pritt for WV Governor

National Sanders Grassroots Group Endorses Pritt for WV Governor

Subject: Sanders Grassroots Activists Endorse Charlotte Pritt for WV Governor

NOV. 2, 2016

Yesterday, a significant grassroots group of progressive activists across the nation and the state expressed their appreciation for WV gubernatorial candidate Charlotte Pritt. Recognizing that a vote for Charlotte Pritt is a vote for true diversification of West Virginia’s economy, a vote for the protection of individual rights from corporate exploitation, and a vote to halt the ongoing annihilation of entire rural communities throughout the State, on November 1, Mountain Party candidate Charlotte Pritt was officially endorsed by The People United, an independent group of volunteers from the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders’ People United activists all across the nation have banded together to further the progressive goals of Bernie’s campaign nationally, through progressive education, activism, and civic engagement.

Pritt is the only gubernatorial candidate in the country endorsed by the newly formed group. Thanks to progressive West Virginians statewide, Senator Sanders was nominated for president by an overwhelming percentage of voters in every West Virginia county.

Pritt is West Virginia’s only candidate for governor with a truly progressive Platform. And like senator Sanders, Charlotte has a legislative record of honestly promoting working families, protecting women’s rights and children’s health. Pritt and Sanders each have far more experience at lawmaking than their opponents.

West Virginians are leaving the State in droves. And those who have remained have stayed away from the polls during the general elections of 2012 and 2014, mainly because they understand that the “conservative” policies of trickle-down prosperity offered by leaders from both “R” and “D” camps is a myth. Pritt’s opponents have detailed no real solutions to our problems, just empty promises.

A vote for Charlotte Pritt is a truly a vote to make “Almost Heaven West Virginia” more than a mere slogan.

Tom Rhule
Communication Director
WV Mountain Party
304 989 1629

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