Profiles in Cruelty

    On Thursday (Oct. 26, 2017,) after most all of WV’s mainstream media had shut down for the day, the US House of Representatives passed the proposed Budget Bill (HCR 71; vote #589). Five representatives did not vote.

   This House legislation sets the United States budget for 2018 and subsequent years through 2027. It cuts spending for Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, Senior Services, CHIP Programs, Planned Parenthood, Veterans’ Services, SNAP, Agricultural Programs, workplace safety (OSHA), Coal Mine Safety, Consumer Products Safety, National Parks, air and water pollution controls, just to name a few.
   Included are reductions in the tax rates for the wealthiest Americans and the corporations, many of which are not paying taxes anyway. HCR 71 also eliminates all deductions for state and local taxes paid, which hits working Americans hardest.
   During  the same  period, experts estimate the proposed tax cuts for the rich will increase our National Debt by a whoppin’ 1.5 TRILLION bucks, to $25 TRILLION. DESPITE having been by the same Representatives who mercilessly attacked the previous administration’s deficit spending as “irresponsible” and “bankrupting the nation.”
   West Virginia Representatives voted:
  • David McKinley  (WV 1st)     AYE
  • Alex X. Mooney  (WV 2nd)    AYE
  • Evan Jenkins      (WV 3rd)    AYE
    Had they instead voted NAY on this measure, HCR 71 would have been defeated 213 for 215 against.  Despite Trump’s declaration yesterday that it is a National Health Emergency, HCR 71 did NOT include one cent in funding to fight the OPIOD CRISIS.
    Since 2006, W.Va. candidates have reportedly snagged $250K in donations from pharma groups.
   The attitude of the 115th Congress appears to be that the public will tolerate gradual elimination of “people programs” which assist the defenseless and powerless.
Danny Lutz
Chair Economic Justice Committee
16th District State Executive Committee
Mountain Party of West Virginia

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