Pritt Platform

The Mountain Party’s 2016 Gubernatorial Candidate Charlotte Pritt’s Platform is encapsulated below:

Charlotte on the Issues

  • Charlotte believes in a diversified economy based on West Virginia businesses.
  • Charlotte supports the reinstatement of the “Prevailing Wage”.
  • Charlotte supports workers right to have input on their job security, wages, benefits and safety – Collective Bargaining.
  • Charlotte recognizes that despair and poverty foster drug addiction. As Governor, she will work for economic fairness and financial security for all West Virginians.
  • Charlotte has had a career as an educator and knows that education is the cornerstone of our future. She supports educators and the right to training & education regardless of a person’s income.
  • Charlotte knows that everyone should have reliable high-speed access to the internet. This is essential for schools and businesses. She knows high-speed internet access and a vibrant education system are key to attracting new businesses to West Virginia.
  • Charlotte supports moving to Single Payer Healthcare with coverage for complementary care (dental, vision, hearing, drug rehabilitation, mental health services). She believes that we all should be empowered to make our own choices about our health.
  • Charlotte supports a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body and health.
  • Charlotte has a 100% voting record on environmental issues. She opposes Mountaintop Removal, hydro-fracking and other practices that endanger water in West Virginia.
  • Charlotte supports sustainable small farming, “Farm to Table” and “Farm to Schools” programs.
  • Charlotte believes that no one who works a 40 hour week should live in poverty. She supports a $15 hour minimum wage.
  • Charlotte supports the legalization and decriminalization of industrial hemp, medical and recreational Cannabis. Colorado estimates their medical and recreational Cannabis industry this year will amount to a billion dollars and generate $84 million dollars of revenue for their state. This is all from small, independent licensed businesses. These figures don’t even include the possibilities of industrial hemp farming and its related processing industry. This is a real jobs program. Why not West Virginia?
  • Charlotte is passionate about sustainable energy including energy efficiency, solar, wind and other renewable alternatives. Charlotte listens to the overwhelming evidence that over 90% of scientists througout the world tell us (including the US Department of Defense) that Climate Change is the biggest current threat to our security and survival.
  • Charlotte ardently supports West Virginia’s tourism industry and recognizes the importance of a governor’s role in promoting tourism.
  • Charlotte opposes private “Prisions for Profit”. As governor, she would pardon all those convicted of non-violent Cannabis crimes. Law enforcement officials know that we spend too much time and money prosecuting and incarcerating people for these offenses. We can save millions of dollars, allow law enforcement to concentrate on the opioid crisis and not ruin people’s lives by incarcerating them for victimless crimes.
  • Charlotte supports West Virginian’s right to bear arms.
  • Charlotte supports a state banking system like that of North Dakota. This would address predatory credit card fees and provide low-interest loans for individuals and businesses.

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