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Mountain Party Backs Right to Strike for West Virginia Public Employees

On Saturday,  June 19, 2014,  the State Executive Committee for the Mountain Party passed a resolution to back  legislation which will give public employees full collective bargaining rights.  To turn that draft into law, Public Employees, their friends, and their families will need to vote for candidates who support it.

     The low voter turnout predicted for the November 4 election gives Public Employees a real shot at electing leaders who will restore their full collective bargaining rights, including the right to strike.

Staying away from the polls certainly won’t get it done. Re-electing those who have been running the State won’t either, because they obviously don’t care enough about Public Employees right to introduce, much less pass, legislation which will solve the problem.

     As it stands now, West Virgina labor law is seriously flawed because Public Employees were robbed of their right to strike years ago. Since that time legislators have been publicly claiming that they’ve tried to introduce amendments to address this issue, yet they’ve never adequately explained why their proposals keep failing.

     The problem is that statehouse leaders keep introducing essentially the same seriously flawed legislation over and over, knowing that it will have no chance of passing!

     Endlessly recycling the same flawed document is an age-old statehouse trick that grants the leadership of both controlling parties a cover story for never curing the problem. It’s an unspoken agreement that cleverly allows politicians to endlessly prolong the problem so that they’ll never have to deal with state workers honestly.


     This scam has been going on for years.

     The Mountain Party is now leading the way by actively promoting specific legislation that will not only strengthen public employees’ right to collectively negotiate their contracts, it will restore their right to strike.  The  rough draft of the legislation we’re backing is downloadable from the following link:

     Asking your current lawmakers if they support collective bargaining rights for public employees won’t change a thing. Electing Mountain Party candidates will.

• Bob Henry Baber– U.S. Senate
• Jesse Johnson – (Kanawha) WV Senate District 17
• Mark Myers WV – (Roane) House District 11
• Danny Ray Cooke – (Boone) House District 23
• Karen White – (Mercer) House District 27
• Tighe Bullock – (Fayette) House District 32
• Daniel Lutz – (Jefferson) House District 66
• Dianna Strickland – Kanawha County Commission

This year’s general election is on Nov. 4.

Your vote CAN make a difference! Support the Mountain Party TODAY!

Your contribution in any amount will help promote this issue.
Your contribution in any amount will help promote this issue.

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