Mountain Party Drafts Charlotte Pritt for Governor

On Saturday, July 16, Delegates to the WV Mountain Party 2016 Convention in Bridgeport, WV, unanimously nominated Charlotte Pritt as the Party choice for governor. Pritt, who had neither pre-announced her candidacy, nor campaigned prior to the Convention, was apparently caught off-guard by the Draft. Pritt nonetheless accepted the unanimous vote of the Convention Delegates, and will lead the Mountain Party ticket on West Virginia’s 2016 ballot.

Contributions directly to Charlotte’s campaign may be made by the following secure web portal:

In addition to Pritt, the following candidates will also be on the Mountain Party ticket, each having agreed to actively promote the entire Mountain Party Platform.

  • MICHAEL SHARLEY – WV Attorney General,  (Morgantown)
  • BRUCE BREUNINGER – WV Senate District 11 (Richwood):
  • RODNEY HYTONEN  WV House of Delegates – District 7 (Pennsboro)
  • ELIZABETH RHULE – WV House of Delegates – District 36 (Charleston)
  • CHRIS REED – WV House of Delegates –  District 39 (Charleston)
  • ALAN BALOGH,– WV House of Delegates –  District 43 (Hillsboro)
  • BARBARA DANIELS   House of DelegatesDistrict 44 (Richwood)

Mike Sharley, Bruce Breuninger, Rod Hytonen, Elizabeth Rhule, and Alan Balogh were each nominated by the Party. Chris Reed and Barbara Daniels ran unopposed in the 2016 Primary.

2016 Mountain Party ENDORSEMENTS

The WV Mountain Party’s national  affiliation with the Green Party grants the Green Party automatic ballot access to West Virginia’s general election. In exchange, the Mountain Party can name delegates to the Green Party Convention. The voting delegates to this year’s Mountain Party convention in Bridgeport chose to endorse Jill Stein of the Green Party for U.S. Presidential nominee at the Green Party’s upcoming convention in Houston, Texas.

In the true grassroots spirit, the Mountain Party is West Virginia’s only Political Party with full ballot access that chooses to endorse qualified candidates who are running on other Party tickets.  The following candidates  who also sought, and received, the endorsement of the Mountain Party voting delegates based on their public support of the 2016 Mountain Party Platform are:

  • Mike Manypenny – 1st US Congressional District
  • Mark Hunt – 2nd US Congressional District
  • Matt Detch – 3rd US Congressional District
  • Mike Pushkin – WV House 37th District -(Kanawha County)
  • Melissa Riggs Huffman- WV House 40th District -(Kanawha County)
  • Cat Webster – WV House 59th District – (Berkeley County (part), Morgan (part))

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2 thoughts on “Mountain Party Drafts Charlotte Pritt for Governor

  • August 8, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    I would like to help Ms. Pritt with her gubernatorial race. However, I cannot do that if she stands by her endorsement of Jill Stein. In order to have real credibility and seriously challenge Justice and Cole, would she consider following Senator Sanders’ lead and endorse the Dem nominee. We would like to have another realistic, viable option to Mr. Justice and Mr. Cole. Please advise if the Mountain Party and Ms. Pritt are willing to change their endorsement position so I, and many other Sanders supporters, can begin working to help her. If not, we understand, but I will unfortunately plan to abstain from voting in the WV gubernatorial race. Thanks.

    • August 12, 2016 at 12:05 pm

      Ms Magnone, because the Electoral College system is rigged, this election West Virginia’s votes for Hillary are not likely to amount to any more than spitting into the wind. So not supporting a true progressive on the statewide based on your own misperception unfortunately ignores Bernie’s own admission that the system is rigged.

      Anyone who understands how GeeDubya got installed in 2000 by the Supreme court decision that undercut the will of the majority of voters recalls that Al Gore received over half a million more popular votes than GeeDubya.

      With those over 1/2 million popular votes in mind, because of the way the system is rigged, any Yellow Dog Democrat trying to paint Ralph Nader as the “third party spoiler” is likely blinded by their own ideology to both common sense and facts.

      In West Virginia, the fact that most registered Democrats haven’t voted in a long long time indicates that the Democratic Party has failed to produce candidates that they feel they can trust to properly represent them. Yet you seem to want to ignore the one viable candidate who has a voting record to prove who she truly is, along with the most leadership experience of any in the race. Based on whether or not she supports Hillary, who is now strongly endorsed by the major Bush Cheney Neocon leaders, including her old confidant John Negroponte.

      I can report to you with confidence that Charlotte is, and will continue, to Jill Stein for the office of President.


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