Jefferson County Meeting Still Scheduled Despite Apparent Sabotage Attempt.

     This memo is to let everyone who is interested know that the breakfast scheduled for 8:30 am at the MOUNTAIN VIEW DINER in  Charles Town, WV is still scheduled to be held. It is well that yesterday 21 Feb was not the date as previously anticipated. Ben Sheridan of KLEIN, SHERIDAN & GLAZER will attend and the focus issue will be discussed as planned, despite an apparent  attempt to scuttle the meeting.
       Since the original email notice was published, there has been an attempt to sabotage the event by certain people who may also have been responsible for destruction of election campaign signs in Jefferson County. That was done by “mowing operations” of the Department of Highways, even though most vegetation had been killed by frost.Communications Breakdown
      Regarding the planned breakfast meeting, DELEGATE ESPINOSA stated that he “will not be dining at the MOUNTAIN VIEW any time soon,” and attached a copy of a FACEBOOK entry of the JEFFERSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT INSPECTION report at the Mountain View Diner on 17 February, conspicuously only one day after the report was posted into the HEALTH DEPARTMENT records. DELEGATE ESPINOSA was in Charleston at the time of  the emailing.
       DELEGATE UPSON (R – Jefferson) stated that she “will be unable to attend.”
       DELEGATE SKINNER (D – Jefferson)  stated that he may have to remain in Charleston that weekend.
       SENATORS SNYDER (D – Jefferson, 16), UNGER (D – Berkeley, 16) , BLAIR (R – Berkeley, 15) and TRUMP (R – Morgan, 15)  have made no reply to the invitation
       Dan Lutz is asking everyone who possibly can to attend to hear details why the CLASS ACTION was filed against FRONTIER and why it may benefit you to join as a co litigant..
Danny Lutz
16th District State Executive Committee
Mountain Party of West Virginia

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