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Sipping Licorice

After the recent chemical spill in Charleston put the drinking water of 300,000 citizens at risk across nine counties, the legislature passed a weak law to regulate some, not all, above ground chemical storage tanks. What they passed was like putting a band-aid over a bullet wound. Improper regulations and lack of enforcement over every other source of pollution threatens the health of every West Virginia resident. Governor Tomblin’s Department of Everything Permitted is even now getting set to weaken the already limp bill lawmakers passed last session.


How will signing yet another petition make a difference?

Although petitioning the current legislature and the last two Governors has proved futile in the past, this particular document is focused on raising public awareness regarding how we, together, can put a stop to the poisoning of our water and air.

It has become obvious that the only way to improve regulations is to change lawmakers. Thousands of verified names of citizens on this petition will help us to mobilize. The public is righteously outraged regarding the lack of willingness of the current crop of lawmakers to solve the problem.

Motivating voters on election day is something that no other political party in West Virginia has been able to do, at least according to the dismal percentage of voters that have turned out over the last decade.

In West Virginia, voting is now not just a privilege but a matter of self-survival. Thanks to the Mountain Party you now have a real  candidates to vote for, rather than another slate of corporate mercenaries. Our candidates won’t betray you because every one of them are dedicated activists.  But it’s going to take more than just your showing up at the polls on Nov. 4 this year to make a difference.

Together we can make this petition go viral. And it should go viral because proper identification and tracking of all chemicals is the only real solution. The pollution statewide may take you out with your very next glass of water or your breath of air.  Whether you live in the southern coalfields or the northern frack fields or urban areas like Charleston or Wheeling, your water table is at risk because there is so much industrial waste they are dumping it everywhere.

This is an urgent call to action. The time to get involved is NOW.  This is truly a matter of your own self preservation. But none of us can do it alone.

Click on the ORANGE YODO button just to the upper right of this window.  It may well be the last petition that you ever sign. After all, if you believe that you only live once (YOLO) then it only stands to reason that YOU ONLY DIE ONCE.

Together we can  stop the madness!

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Your contribution in any amount will also  help stop the madness.

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