Dumping Facts

Dumping Facts:

Below are sources for statements in “Alert For West Virginians” by Barbara Daniels, Richwood

  1. Judge rules that DEP permits to dump frack waste override county authority: see Register Herald, 6/11/16, Sara Plummer, Judge Rules Fayette Fracking Ban Invalid” at the following link:


See also WV Gazette Mail, 6/10/16, Ken Ward “Judge Rules Fayette Drilling Waste Ban Invalid” at the following link:

http://www.wvgazettemail.com/news-cops-and -courts/20160610/judge-rules-fayette-drilling-waste-ban-invalid

  1. Natural gas suppresses green energy development: (go 19.2 minutes into webinar, Lrysa Drska, “Health Impacts of Gas Infrastructure” at the following link:


  1. No net clean-burning benefit from natural gas; (see fourth and fifth paragraphs of ThinkProgress, 2/17/16, “Methane Leaks Erase Climate Benefit of fracked Gas Countless Studies Find” at the following link:


  1. Number of fracked wells in West Virginia:  see third paragraph of PBS, 3/31/15, Glynis Board, “Gas Well Interaction Can Be A Boon To Some Disaster To Others In West Virginia” at the following link:


  1. Deadly toxins and radioactivity in frack waste: see Background, last paragraph, in April, 2011 pdf document “U. S. House of Representatives, COMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND COMMERCE ,“CHEMICALS USED IN HYDRAULIC FRACTURING” at the following link:


See also fifth paragraph in 4/6/16, BuzzFeed, Dan Vergano,”A Fracking Well In West Virginia Is Leaking Chemicals That Can Affect Fertility” at the following link:  

https://www.buzzfeed.com/danvergano/west-virginia-fracking-pollution utm term=.iwRzz9lYQ#.fkeNNL217

see also second paragraph, second sentence in USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2011-5135, E. Rowan at the following link:

http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2011/5135/ ) NOTE: EPA maximum contaminant limit for combined radium permits no more than 5 picocuries per liter for drinking water and 60 pCi/L for industrial waste.

  1. Direct quote regarding frack waste from out-of-state being dumped in West Virginia; – Gene Smith: Director, WV Dept. of Environmental Protection Underground Injection Control Program, 11:40 AM, 8/10/16:

There are NO fees for out of state waste coming into WV.  Injection well operators record amount of incoming frack waste fluid and determine its origin by referring to the trucker’s manifest. Trucks are marked ‘BRINE’ only’”.

7a. Two spokespersons from WV Dept. of Environmental Protection, Div. of Highways,  publicly stated that their Division would be deicing West Virginia roads with frack waste that winter. November 1, 2014, WAJR-Metronews FM radio, 9 AM “On the DOT” program.

b. Report indicating frack-waste is being dumped into abandoned coal mines: see page 7, second sentence regarding “abandoned mine lands-underground mines”, pdf download 2/11,Tetra-Tech “Source Water Protection Plan, PWSD: WV-3301046”, at the following link:


c. Raleigh County, WV Landfill image of entrance permit for 1,000-ton load of frack-waste pit-sludge, signed in by WV DEP agent claiming that sludge is non-radioactive: (see attachment 2 in WV Mountain Party webpage “Fayette County Injection Facts”at the following link: 


c. Explanation why WV DEP should never have claimed zero radioactivity in the sludge from the Class II injection well settling pit site: see attachments 1, 3 and 4 in the WV Mountain Party webpage, “Fayette County Injection Facts” at the following link:

http://www.mountainpartywv.com/fayette-county-injection facts

  1. Frack drilling mud also found to be toxic; (see abstract, sentence 5, in 9/20/11, T. Colburn, “Natural Gas Operations from a Public Health Perspective” at the following link:


  1. Explanation how radioactivity of frack-waste in tanks increases up to 5-fold in 15 days: see fourth paragraph of 4/9/15, Valerie Brown, “Study Raises Questions About Measuring Radioactivity In Fracking Wastewater” at the following link:


  1. a. WV lawmakers undercut the WV Dept of Public Health mandate to protect water supplies from fracking contamination while hiding such potential contamination sites from the public; See §16- 1-9a,(B),(8), “WV SB 373 2014 Enrolled Version-Final Version at the following link:


b. West Virginia’s worst exemption for gas and oil field wastes from WV environmental rules is enshrined in West Virginia’s Hazardous Waste Management Act. WV Code §22-18-6(a)(12)(D) grants the Director of the WV DEP the authority to adopt rules that are ONLY “consistent with, but no more expansive in coverage nor more stringent in effect than, rules and regulations promulgated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency under RCRA Subtitle C.“ Thanks to powefukl industry lobbying, WV legislators unfortunately chose forever cede responsibility for regulating hazardous waste resulting from all natural gas drilling & exploration to Federal regulators by falling back on an EXEMPTION in FEDERAL code for oil and gas waste regs that had been enacted so that STATES would exert local control! see: http://tinyurl.com/RCRA-Subtitle-CNOTE: Sections 22-18-6(a)(12)(A), (B)&(D) and 22C-5-4(c) provide the necessary authorities for RCRA §3004(b)-(g).

c.  Exemptions for gas and oil field wastes from all major FEDERAL environmental rules: see  introduction, second paragraph in 9/20/11, T. Colburn, “Natural Gas Operations from a Public Health Perspective” at the following link:


  1. Along with the DEP’s unabashed aid to gas companies, industry/government collaboration is strongly implied by the exclusion of WV in the U.S. Government Accounting Office review of state agencies’ oversight of fracking as it pertains to drinking water, see page 24 noting list of states NOT reported,at the following link: 


a. Recent EPA report on U.S. water wells spoiled by fracking ignores WV and every study regarding the effect of frack waste injection wells on drinking water:  (see page 22, lines 1 & 2at the following link:   


b. See also third paragraph in Ohio Valley Environmental Council’s, 6/9/15, Melanie Houston,“Study Confirms Water Contamination Caused by Fracking” at the following link:


c. Reputed health care professionals excluded WV when requesting ban:  (see second paragraph, third line, at the following link:


d. Additionally, patent protections are now being used to hide dangerous frack chemicals (see 1st paragraph, last sentence in 2013, Daniel Cahoy,”The Emergence of Patents as Information-Containment Tools in Shale Drilling” at the following link:


  1. a. Public awareness has resulted in successful, non-violent actions of every kind, from letters to Congress to boycotts and demonstrations: See Wikipedia, “Court of Public Opinion” at the following link:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Court of public opinion

b. See also NRDC’s 1/27/16, Andrew Postman,How to Block Big Polluters” at the following link:


Barbara Daniels is a 2016 Candidate for WV House of Delegates District 44 and an active member of the Mountain Party Environmental Justice Committ Frack waste disposal documentation becomes available on a daily basis.  Watch this space for updates.

The article that inspired the above Dumping Facts is as follows:

Unlike a wildfire or tornado, West Virginia is facing a disaster from which there is likely no recovery.

From judges that cancel a hearing and allow the waste to be put into our aquifers, to President Obama claiming natural gas is a “bridge to clean energy”, with almost unlimited funds, horizontal hydrofracturing (hhf or fracking) is being promoted, and its enormous damage hidden, in every imaginable way and at every government level.

Natural gas is not a bridge. Rather, it is reducing US support for clean energy technology, allowing other nations to control that market. Moreover, it is dirtier than coal because of the many leaks during production, its potency as a greenhouse gas and the tremendous amount of diesel fuel used.

Meanwhile, permitting frackers to dump hhf waste into drinking water is monstrous. These radioactive fluids contain heavy metals and endocrine disrupters that destroy immunity and impede body functions.

Clueless operators produce an average of five million gallons of this toxic waste every two to five years per well.  And West Virginia is the recipient of such material not only from the over 1,200 hhf wells here, but also from those in other states plus 53,000 vertically-fracked gas wells.

This flood of poison, having nowhere safe to go, is being dumped in West Virginia wherever possible. Calling it “deicer”, the WV Div, of Highways puts it on roads.  Truckers have been spotted pouring it into tributaries to rivers used for drinking water.  It is injected into abandoned coal mines which sometimes serve as reservoirs.  It is reported to be spread on mountaintop removal sites and, legally classified as “storm water”, is dumped straight into creeks.

Though extremely corrosive, frack waste is stored in dangerously under-regulated tanks whose whereabouts and contents are kept secret by the WV Health Dept. due to “terrorism”.  It is also left in “evaporation ponds” and is going into the water table from pits above perforated rock and from more than seven hundred-fifty leaky, abandoned gas wells across the state.

Now it has been discovered that the drilling mud, thought to be benign, is also toxic, while frack-waste in tanks increases in radioactivity five-fold in fifteen days. When all this contamination reaches our water supplies, we will pay for it with our health.  Once poisoned, aquifers cannot affordably be restored.

Far from reigning in polluters, however, protective agencies are helping them.  The WV Dept. of Environmental Protection has adopted the EPA exemption of all gas and oil field wastes from hazardous classification.  Presently, by law, hhf waste cannot be tested for toxins or radioactivity and is handled and stored as if it were only brine. The WV DEP has sponsored  state regulations shielding hhf from public scrutiny.  Moreover, this agency ignores flagrant gas industry violations, and recommends waste disposal options that by-pass safe drinking water requirements.  Hhf is also exempt from all major federal environmental laws.

Due to collaboration between industry and government, we are apparently now a sacrifice zone. West Virginia fracking is expected to expand exponentially when pipelines to export terminals are completed.

For documented verification, please go to www.mountainpartywv.com, “dumping facts”.  If you seek information elsewhere, please beware that academic studies, for example, reflect substantial natural gas investments and grants, that industry advertising is very profitable to the media and politicians receive large natural gas campaign contributions. Again, there is seemingly unlimited money backing hydrofracking.  But also please be aware that informed citizens can together halt situations.  Otherwise these mounting dire issues could not remain concealed.

Barbara Daniels

Richwood, WV

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