Congratulation Rusty Williams

July 4, 2017 – For Immediate Release

West Virginia Mountain Party congratulates Rusty Williams for his appointment to the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board. Williams will serve as the panel’s “patient advocate.” He is a testicular cancer survivor that attributes his very survival to the use of cannabis.

The 13 member West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board is charged with examining applicable laws and making recommendations to the governor and legislature. Others named to the panel include:

  • Dr. Rahul Gupta, state health officer and commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health
  • Joseph Hatton, a horticulturalist and deputy commissioner of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture
  • Dr. Arvinder Bir, of Huntington
  • Col. Jan Cahill, superintendent of the West Virginia State Police
  • Michael J. Deegan, a Cross Lanes social worker
  • Michelle R. Easton, a Charleston pharmacist
  • Dr. James Felsen, of Great Cacapon
  • W. Jesse Forbes, a Charleston lawyer
  • Kimberly Knuckles, a Beaver pharmacist
  • Dr. Rudy Malayil, of Huntington
  • D. Keith Randolph, Boone County prosecuting attorney
  • Dr. Joseph Selby, of Morgantown

Last month both Rusty Williams and Jesse Johnson were awarded WV Citizens Action Group’s coveted Thomas A. Knight “Excalibur Award” for successfully lobbying last legislative session to pass WV’s Medical Cannabis Act.  Most who follow our legislative sessions believed passage was impossible as in previous sessions it never made it out of committee. In addition, the WV Republican Party, which controls both chambers of the WV Legislature, had established a Party Platform which diametrically opposes all decriminalization of cannabis.

During the Mountain Party’s last statewide convention Johnson was instrumental in getting his Party leaders to include the promotion of Medical Cannabis onto the Mountain Party Platform, along with decriminalization of simple possession of cannabis, and the legalization of Agricultural Hemp.

Johnson is currently the Party’s Executive Chair, and Williams currently serves as Volunteer Coordinator for the state’s longest surviving Third Party.

Contact: Tom Rhule Communication Director
Phone: 304 989 1629

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