Thanks to your calls, this morning (Friday, March 24), West Virginia’s Medical Cannabis bill (SB 386) was passed by a squeaker 6 to 5 vote. As a result, it will now be recommended by the Senate Health & Human Services Committee to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Now is the time to call Senator Trump (R-Morgan) at (304) 357 7980.

Trump is chairman of the Senate Judiciary, so to make this happen, you now need to urge him to place SB 386 on the Senate Judiciary committee agenda asap. Unless this bill gets passed out of Judiciary, it will die in that Committee, which is one of several favorite ways that WV’s bad lawmakers have staved off good laws forever.

This update and request for action notice came from Mountain Party Executive Chair Jesse Johnson, who is personally shepherding this, and other important progressive bills through the Statehouse this session, based on resolutions within the Mountain Party Platform.

Since 2014, WV Mountain Party leaders have resolved to support legislation backing the legalization and use of medical marijuana. Now it is time to urge the WV Statehouse to pass the WV Medical Cannabis Act (Senate Bill 386), which must clear the WV Health and Human Services Committee before it reaches a vote before the Senate.

Although you no longer need to call the following WV WV Senate Health and Human Resources Committee members  to urge passage of the Medical Cannabis Act SB 386 in that Committee, you may wish to call to ask each how they voted in Committee:

Chair Senator Takubo – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7990

Vice-Chair Senator Maroney – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7902

Senator Azinger – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7970

Senator Clements – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7827

Senator Karnes – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7906

Senator Palumbo – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7854

Senator Plymale – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7937

Senator Prezioso – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7961

Senator Rucker – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7957

Senator Stollings – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7939

Senator Trump – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7980

Senator Unger – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7933

Senator Weld – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7984

Thank you,
Jesse Johnson, Executive Chair
WV Mountain Party

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Legislative Action Alert!!

An elections related bill (HB 2102) that should be of great benefit to voters throughout the State is stuck in the House of Delegates Judiciary committee.  HB 2102 redefines a Political Party and improves  ballot access procedures for political parties such as the Mountain Party.

Briefly, HB 2102 would allow a political organization whose candidates for any statewide office (and not just for governor) achieved 1 percent of the vote for that office to be a political party for purposes of ballot access.  Currently to remain a political party we have to invest enormous resources in our candidate’s campaign for governor. No other office qualifies us for continuing ballot access.  HB 2102 would also define a political organization with more than 5000 registered voter members be classified as a political party, regardless of how many votes the party’s candidates polled for any office.

The text of HB 2102 is in PDF format here:   and in HTML text here:

Please contact members of the House Judiciary committee as indicated below.  Ask then to urge the committee Chair to put HB 2102 on the committee’s agenda, and to support the bill.  You can say that HB 2102 expands democracy and encourages more voters to actually get out and vote for their favorite candidate.  But say whatever you are comfortable saying as long as you make it clear that you support the HB 2102 and that you want to see it come up for a committee vote.

Here is contact information for House Judiciary committee members:

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Mountain Party at Shepherdstown’s Progressive Action Fair

Progressive Confluence’s Progressive Action Fair
March 1, 2017, 5:30–8 p.m. Town Run Brewery, Shepherdstown

Because so many people were called to action by the recent Women’s March on Washington, an event was held to introduce progressive willing activists towards groups where they could “pick a project” and get involved.

Showcasing volunteer opportunities for people, many of whom have never been engaged in civic action but who are eager to get to work, the Fair provided an opportunity for:

*people to learn about the multitude of ways they can get involved and find information on issues, candidates, etc.
*new and existing organizations to recruit new members.
*organizations to network, collaborate, and/or coordinate and avoid duplication of effort.

Reportedly well attended by mostly local citizens, the organizations showcased were:

Sierra Club
Shenandoah Women’s Center
Planned Parenthood
Voter Registration
WV Rivers Coalition
Fairness WV
Jefferson County Democrats Association
Vigilance Jefferson County
Citizens Climate Lobby
Progressive Confluence
Sustainable Jefferson County
West Virginian’s for Affordable Healthcare
NAACP of Berkeley County
Eastern Panhandle Protectors
Voices Against Domestic Violence
WV Mountain Party
EPIC Radio
Women’s March On Washington Action Committee
Diverse and United

Mountain Party District 16 Representative Dan Lutz seized the opportunity to discuss his  potential candidacy against incumbent Senator Joe Manchin in the 2018 election, handed out information about the Mountain Party, and registered attendees to become voters.Former Washington Redskins Ron Saul has already agreed to be Dan’s Treasurer, once Dan officially becomes the Mountain Party nominee.


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