WV Mountain Party FAQs

WV Mountain Party FAQs

Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

BE the Solution!

Why join a Political Party?

Unless you happen to be very wealthy, the most direct way for We, the People, to effectively confront the abuse of power so common among WV’s elected officials is to join a Political Party. Active participation in a Political Party empowers YOU to shape the debate by collectively amplifying your influence over how elected politicians either promote, or block, legislation that affects your family, friends, and community.

Why support a “Third” Party?

West Virginia’s rapidly diminishing population is proof positive that our “Two Party System” promotes the excesses of large corporations above the best interests of our communities. Support for the right “Third” Party by you and your fellow citizens is the only logical way to naturally restore Governing Power to the People of our fossil fuel-rich, yet rapidly diminishing State.

Why choose the West Virginia Mountain Party?

Since our beginning, the Mountain Party Platform and Bylaws have focused on truly representing the rights of all citizens. That’s why Our Platform and Bylaws are your assurance that:

  • Mountain Party leaders have –and will always– avoid the mercenary pitfalls inherent to WV’s “mainstream” political system. That’s because:
  • Mountain Party members are truly focused on restoring governing power back to the people.

FACT: Voters have enabled the Mountain Party to maintain full ballot access far longer than any Third Party in the history of the State! That’s because throughout the years, all of our Elected Leaders and Nominees have lived up to the honorable ideals expressed in our Platform!

For more info about the Mountain Party, our Platform, and bylaws,
visit mountainpartywv.com/about-us or call 304 989 1629

To download a print-ready formatted PDF version of this FAQ, left-click on the following link:

2017 Mountain Party FAQs

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Your Call is Needed TODAY.

Thurs. July 25, 2017

This afternoon there is scheduled a crucial vote in the U.S. Senate. It’s on whether or not to open yet another discussion regarding how to repeal or replace the Affordable Health Care Act, which is better known as Obamacare. Despite Republicans having voted countless times to repeal it ever since it passed, they haven’t been able to muster the votes –yet.

At 12:00PM-1:00 PM Tuesday July 25th, 500 Virginia Street East Charleston, WV 25301 (The corner of Laidley and Virginia St, in front of the United Bank building) people are planning to gather to let Capito know they expect her to vote against further “discussion” and preserve the status quo. WE DON’T THINK THAT GOES FAR ENOUGH. And here’s why:

The latest Republican plan to replace Obamacare has been dead for about a week now, mainly because there weren’t enough Senators willing to vote reduce health care coverage for citizens. And while Obamacare remains far from perfect (due to a cadre of gutless (or worse) Democrats back when they controlled Congress,) undercut it (including Jay Rockefeller), now the main plan is to discuss whether or not to simply repeal it altogether. And although there is the implied option to later replace it with “something better”, don’t count on it.

The upshot of today’s vote is to “open up discussion” so that the Senate could either vote (yet again) to repeal-and-replace it with its already failed Better Care Act Reconciliation, or (far more likely) move on a straight repeal.

Or, the Senate could possibly revive its Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act of 2017, which is identical to the reconciliation bill that passed both houses of Congress in 2015, only to be vetoed by President Obama. He shot it down because it cut Medicaid so deeply, also ending the mandated health care coverage for most Americans.

Pretty complicated stuff, eh?  Not really.

If it passes, what today’s pig-in-the-poke vote will do is grant more time for Majority Leader McConnell and President Trump to wrangle enough votes on a bill fashioned to cut citizens’ coverage under Medicaid and Medicaid Expansion, so that the wealthiest Americans can get a tax break.

If you’re not in the same tax bracket as Jay Rockefeller or Shelley Capito, or Joe Manchin, you could call today to tell the Senate to close off further discussion so that the status quo is at least preserved. OR, during that same call, you might accomplish far more.

Tell Capito AND Manchin Senate staffers that instead of endlessly debating how to cut access to affordable health care coverage, Congress really should be figuring out how to expand coverage. And instead of continually lying about how Canada’s universal coverage is a failure, Senators should be studying on how to implement an improved version of Canada’s UNIVERSAL health care here in the U.S..

In other words, don’t just call Senator Shelly Capito to ask her why she voted to repeal Obamacare, call BOTH Capito AND Manchin to tell them that EVERYONE deserves the quality of free coverage that Senators have.

Instead of wasting time on discussing how to repeal and replace, Capito and Manchin should basically announce that they each back Bernie Sanders’ Single Payer plan.

Why do we think Bernie’s Plan is right? Because it just so happens that decades ago, the Mountain Party incorporated in our Party Platform  that enactment of universal health care is a right that all West Virginians deserve. INCLUDING medical, dental and prescription benefits.

Spread the word: WE THE PEOPLE expect Congress to provide us with full universal health care coverage instead of endlessly debating on how to provide more tax breaks for their wealthy campaign backers. 

Contact Sen. Manchin:

Washington, DC

306 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510
Phone: 202-224-3954
Fax: 202-228-0002

Charleston Office

900 Pennsylvania Avenue
Suite 629
Charleston, WV 25302
Phone: 304-342-5855
Toll-Free Phone: 855-275-5737 (For residents with a 304 or 681 area code)
Fax: 304-343-7144

Eastern Panhandle Office

261 Aikens Center
Suite 305
Martinsburg, WV  25404-6203
Phone: 304-264-4626
Fax: 304-262-3039

Fairmont Office

230 Adams Street
Fairmont, WV 26554
Phone: 304-368-0567
Fax: 304-368-0198

 Contact Sen. Capito:

Washington, DC

172 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-6472

Charleston Office

500 Virginia Street East
Suite 950
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: 304-347-5372

Martinsburg Office

300 Foxcroft Avenue
Suite 202A
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Phone: 304-262-9285

Morgantown Office

48 Donley Street
Suite 504
Morgantown, WV 26501
Phone: 304-292-2310

Raleigh County Office

220 N Kanawha Street
Suite 1
Beckley, WV 25801
Phone: 304-347-5372
**Note: Appointments are required for service at this location.

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Congratulation Rusty Williams

July 4, 2017 – For Immediate Release

West Virginia Mountain Party congratulates Rusty Williams for his appointment to the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board. Williams will serve as the panel’s “patient advocate.” He is a testicular cancer survivor that attributes his very survival to the use of cannabis.

The 13 member West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board is charged with examining applicable laws and making recommendations to the governor and legislature. Others named to the panel include:

  • Dr. Rahul Gupta, state health officer and commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health
  • Joseph Hatton, a horticulturalist and deputy commissioner of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture
  • Dr. Arvinder Bir, of Huntington
  • Col. Jan Cahill, superintendent of the West Virginia State Police
  • Michael J. Deegan, a Cross Lanes social worker
  • Michelle R. Easton, a Charleston pharmacist
  • Dr. James Felsen, of Great Cacapon
  • W. Jesse Forbes, a Charleston lawyer
  • Kimberly Knuckles, a Beaver pharmacist
  • Dr. Rudy Malayil, of Huntington
  • D. Keith Randolph, Boone County prosecuting attorney
  • Dr. Joseph Selby, of Morgantown

Last month both Rusty Williams and Jesse Johnson were awarded WV Citizens Action Group’s coveted Thomas A. Knight “Excalibur Award” for successfully lobbying last legislative session to pass WV’s Medical Cannabis Act.  Most who follow our legislative sessions believed passage was impossible as in previous sessions it never made it out of committee. In addition, the WV Republican Party, which controls both chambers of the WV Legislature, had established a Party Platform which diametrically opposes all decriminalization of cannabis.

During the Mountain Party’s last statewide convention Johnson was instrumental in getting his Party leaders to include the promotion of Medical Cannabis onto the Mountain Party Platform, along with decriminalization of simple possession of cannabis, and the legalization of Agricultural Hemp.

Johnson is currently the Party’s Executive Chair, and Williams currently serves as Volunteer Coordinator for the state’s longest surviving Third Party.

Contact: Tom Rhule Communication Director
Phone: 304 989 1629
Email: mountainpartywv@gmail.com

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