Mountain Party Drafts Charlotte Pritt for Governor

Mountain Party Drafts Charlotte Pritt for Governor

On Saturday, July 16, Delegates to the WV Mountain Party 2016 Convention in Bridgeport, WV, unanimously nominated Charlotte Pritt as the Party choice for governor. Pritt, who had neither pre-announced her candidacy, nor campaigned prior to the Convention, was apparently caught off-guard by the Draft. Pritt nonetheless accepted the unanimous vote of the Convention Delegates, and will lead the Mountain Party ticket on West Virginia’s 2016 ballot.

Contributions directly to Charlotte’s campaign may be made by the following secure web portal:

In addition to Pritt, the following candidates will also be on the Mountain Party ticket, each having agreed to actively promote the entire Mountain Party Platform.

  • MICHAEL SHARLEY – WV Attorney General,  (Morgantown)
  • BRUCE BREUNINGER – WV Senate District 11 (Richwood):
  • RODNEY HYTONEN  WV House of Delegates – District 7 (Pennsboro)
  • ELIZABETH RHULE – WV House of Delegates – District 36 (Charleston)
  • CHRIS REED – WV House of Delegates –  District 39 (Charleston)
  • ALAN BALOGH,– WV House of Delegates –  District 43 (Hillsboro)
  • BARBARA DANIELS   House of DelegatesDistrict 44 (Richwood)

Mike Sharley, Bruce Breuninger, Rod Hytonen, Elizabeth Rhule, and Alan Balogh were each nominated by the Party. Chris Reed and Barbara Daniels ran unopposed in the 2016 Primary.

2016 Mountain Party ENDORSEMENTS

The WV Mountain Party’s national  affiliation with the Green Party grants the Green Party automatic ballot access to West Virginia’s general election. In exchange, the Mountain Party can name delegates to the Green Party Convention. The voting delegates to this year’s Mountain Party convention in Bridgeport chose to endorse Jill Stein of the Green Party for U.S. Presidential nominee at the Green Party’s upcoming convention in Houston, Texas.

In the true grassroots spirit, the Mountain Party is West Virginia’s only Political Party with full ballot access that chooses to endorse qualified candidates who are running on other Party tickets.  The following candidates  who also sought, and received, the endorsement of the Mountain Party voting delegates based on their public support of the 2016 Mountain Party Platform are:

  • Mike Manypenny – 1st US Congressional District
  • Mark Hunt – 2nd US Congressional District
  • Matt Detch – 3rd US Congressional District
  • Mike Pushkin – WV House 37th District -(Kanawha County)
  • Melissa Riggs Huffman- WV House 40th District -(Kanawha County)
  • Cat Webster – WV House 59th District – (Berkeley County (part), Morgan (part))

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Why Protest Free Advertising?

Why Protest Free Advertising?

West Virginia Public Broadcasters Force Second Class Candidates to the Back of the Bus.

Bob Henry Baber, Mountain Party candidate for U.S. Senate, has chosen to participate under protest in an event to be aired by WV Public Broadcasters “WVPB.”

Billed as a “second debate” apparently to make up for an earlier hour long infomercial promoting the two candidates whose views are most politically aligned with WV’s extreme extraction industries, the second event will give all U.S. Senate candidates the opportunity to discuss their views on the closed set of a WVPB studio at 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Those who show up may or may not see their discussions aired on an undisclosed number of WVPB television and radio stations at 7 p.m. that same evening. There has been no word on how much editing will be imposed by WVPB corporate sponsors on the taped-delay version.

The West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority, along with its governor-appointed Board, now commonly uses the alias West Virginia Public Broadcasters, apparently having eliminated “education” from its moniker some time ago.

Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education
“The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education marked a turning point in the history in the United States. On May 17, 1954, the Court stripped away constitutional sanctions for segregation by race, and made equal opportunity in education the law of the land.” source

More recently, WVPB compromised its once high standards to educate the public. The Fake Debate dropped WVPB standards by eliminating of all but certain legally balloted candidates, the two which had been chosen by its primary sponsor.

The previous “fake debate” was viewed by many to have been an hour long advertisement for the two candidates most likely to carry water for the extreme extraction industries most responsible for repressing Appalachian Americans for as long as anyone can remember. Pre-selected questions were lobbed by rightwing radio host Hoppy Kercheival, whose TalkLine program relies heavily on fossil fuel industry advertisements.

West Virginians have long endured class warfare, unscrupulously waged by wealthy elitists of the ruling class known as “robber barons.” That war was, and is, being fought over West Virginia’s bountiful natural resources. Although during the robber baron era the State’s mainstream media downplayed the bloody battles across the coalfields as local labor squabbles, the historic truth about the roots of West Virginia’s ruling class and its propaganda machine have survived.

Today, the historic accounts of a political system corrupted by corporate avarice and subverted by propaganda in the Mountain State are fading fast, largely because the repression of truth and justice through the mainstream media continues to permit modern day robber baron industries to take their toll on the well being of mountaineers to this day.

WVPB set our state back fifty years when it let the powerful insurance lobbying group AARP dictate which candidates would, and would not, get to participate in its glitzy live statewide simulcast from the fabulous Clay Center stage before a live audience.
Coincidentally, health insurance rates in West Virginia have skyrocketed due to industrial pollution of the same extreme extraction industries that backing each of the fuelocrats featured in the original Fake Debate.

QUESTION: Why would AARP make the decision to coerce WVPBS into such a radical move?

SHORT ANSWER: Because it can.

AARP obviously fears that its West Virginia insurance market will naturally start to diminish once Mountain Party candidates begin taking over the Statehouse because that’s when our citizens’ overall health and well-being will start improving.

Coincidentally, health insurance rates in West Virginia are soaring due to the failing health of entire communities caused by the same extreme extraction industries wnich back each of the fuelocrats featured in the AARP’s original Fake Debate.

Gazette Photo Fake Debateshortlink

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