Mountain Party Drafts Charlotte Pritt for Governor

Mountain Party Drafts Charlotte Pritt for Governor

On Saturday, July 16, Delegates to the WV Mountain Party 2016 Convention in Bridgeport, WV, unanimously nominated Charlotte Pritt as the Party choice for governor. Pritt, who had neither pre-announced her candidacy, nor campaigned prior to the Convention, was apparently caught off-guard by the Draft. Pritt nonetheless accepted the unanimous vote of the Convention Delegates, and will lead the Mountain Party ticket on West Virginia’s 2016 ballot.

Contributions directly to Charlotte’s campaign may be made by the following secure web portal:

In addition to Pritt, the following candidates will also be on the Mountain Party ticket, each having agreed to actively promote the entire Mountain Party Platform.

  • MICHAEL SHARLEY – WV Attorney General,  (Morgantown)
  • BRUCE BREUNINGER – WV Senate District 11 (Richwood):
  • RODNEY HYTONEN  WV House of Delegates – District 7 (Pennsboro)
  • ELIZABETH RHULE – WV House of Delegates – District 36 (Charleston)
  • CHRIS REED – WV House of Delegates –  District 39 (Charleston)
  • ALAN BALOGH,– WV House of Delegates –  District 43 (Hillsboro)
  • BARBARA DANIELS   House of DelegatesDistrict 44 (Richwood)

Mike Sharley, Bruce Breuninger, Rod Hytonen, Elizabeth Rhule, and Alan Balogh were each nominated by the Party. Chris Reed and Barbara Daniels ran unopposed in the 2016 Primary.

2016 Mountain Party ENDORSEMENTS

The WV Mountain Party’s national  affiliation with the Green Party grants the Green Party automatic ballot access to West Virginia’s general election. In exchange, the Mountain Party can name delegates to the Green Party Convention. The voting delegates to this year’s Mountain Party convention in Bridgeport chose to endorse Jill Stein of the Green Party for U.S. Presidential nominee at the Green Party’s upcoming convention in Houston, Texas.

In the true grassroots spirit, the Mountain Party is West Virginia’s only Political Party with full ballot access that chooses to endorse qualified candidates who are running on other Party tickets.  The following candidates  who also sought, and received, the endorsement of the Mountain Party voting delegates based on their public support of the 2016 Mountain Party Platform are:

  • Mike Manypenny – 1st US Congressional District
  • Mark Hunt – 2nd US Congressional District
  • Matt Detch – 3rd US Congressional District
  • Mike Pushkin – WV House 37th District -(Kanawha County)
  • Melissa Riggs Huffman- WV House 40th District -(Kanawha County)
  • Cat Webster – WV House 59th District – (Berkeley County (part), Morgan (part))

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The JEFFERSON FORUM: Little Heat and No Light on the Ivory Tower Gang from WV Media

Last evening, THE JEFFERSON FORUM met to discuss issues pending before the second session of the 82nd WV Legislature, which convenes on 13 January 2016. This article varies from previous pieces, being written in FIRST PERSON SINGULAR, rather than the classic editorial “WE.”  It is a style that is out of character for a MODERATOR to do.

       First above all, thank you to those who came out last evening, Among the attendees were candidates Riley Moore, 67th District and David Manthos, 16th Senatorial District. Also, Roger Ramey, Charles Town Races and Slots, and new General Manager Justin Carter attended. Mr. Carter has been a member of our community since September. Mr. Carter, a warm welcome to you and yours.
       Mr. Moore asked me to include his contact information that he may be reached at
      To all those who attended, I offer my sincere apologies that NONE of the Legislative Delegation elected to attend the meeting. Mr. Ramey, Mr. Carter, Mr. Moore, Mr. Manthos, as well as the others certainly could have done other things last evening. Again, my thanks to all of you.
      The agenda was published weeks before hand on the internet, as well as hard copies for those attending (see below).
      I had hoped the senators and delegates would have made time to enlighten us about the mechanics of Your-Choicethese agenda items as well as the bills which will address them. To repeat what I have said in the last email, Senator Unger, Delegate Skinner, and Delegate Upson did RSVP regrets in advance. No other member of the Eastern Panhandle bothered to do so. A quick glance at the internet reveals numerous books on etiquette and social graces.
      I did receive RSVP regrets from Mary Jo Brown, (Sen Manchin’s Office) and Deirdre Catterton (Rep. Mooney’s Office).
      I received no response from Senator Snyder, Senator Trump, Senator Blair, Delegate Cowles, Delegate Overington, Delegate Householder, Delegate Folk, Delegate Duke, Delegate Faircloth, Delegate Blair, and Delegate Espinosa.
     Since THE JEFFERSON FORUM began, the only members of the Eastern Panhandle Legislative Delegation to attend even one session have been Delegate Folk and Delegate Householder.

      The local media also made no response, even though they were included on all distributions. Media is a business, and they must serve their interests

dead horse
Ask Charleston Daily Mail former editor and publisher Brad McElhinny. He has first hand experience.


      I am reminded of a one liner from Minnie Pearl, to wit: “You can lead a horse to water, but if you can get him to backstroke, brother, you’ve done something!!!”
      I have led the horses to the water, but they certainly do not backstroke.
      The legislative process is supposed to be interactive, with the legislators reflecting the will of those who elect them.
      I acknowledged from the outset that the agenda for last evening was large, and it was unlikely that all the issues could be addressed in that time frame.. At the minimum, I made the attempt.
      I suggest the lack of response indicates one very bad thing, i.e., some of us do not have representation in the legislature. Or to the people holding those positions, SOME OF US DO NOT MATTER.
      Last November, FIRST ENERGY held a dinner for the members of the Eastern Panhandle Delegation at the PURPLE IRIS in Martinsburg. The reason for the dinner meeting was to discuss the FIRST ENERGY AGENDA for the coming legislative Session.
      I requested to be able to attend that meeting and was turned down, which was not unexpected.
      Since then, I have been taken to task by Senator Bob Beach (DEM MONONGALIA) who told me the kind of  “transparency”  I seek “would have a chilling effect upon the legislative process.”
      This attitude, as well as the shunning of such as THE JEFFERSON FORUM, is one serious deficiency in Charleston. I want to know what is being done under the dome along the Kanawha. The pervasive attitude that “what they don’t know can’t hurt them” has to end, AND RIGHT NOW.
      To remove all doubt, THE JEFFERSON FORUM will continue as it has for those who care about the issues facing our communities, counties, state and nation. THE JEFFERSON FORUM continue to try to make our voices heard, especially by those who are conspicuous in their absence, and deafening by their silence.
      THE JEFFERSON FORUM will continue to meet on:
                                                 3rd SATURDAY EACH month (next meeting 16 January 2016)
                                                 0830 to 1100 AM
                                                 MOUNTAIN VIEW DINER
                                                 901 East Washington Street
                                                 Charles Town, WV
       I hope those who read this piece will remember this when you go to the polls and cast your ballots.
       The silence of those who do not vote is a vote for those who ignore constituents.
Danny Lutz


Repeal mandatory wholesale and retail price markups of gasoline in WV
Pending RIGHT TO WORK Legislation
Proposed Repeal of Minimum Wage Laws in WV
Proposed creation of Charter Schools
Elimination of greyhound racing
Decoupling of casinos and thoroughbred racing in WV
Likely $250,000,000 budget deficit
Get PEIA on sound fiscal basis
Restructure severance taxes in WV
Civilian boards of review for police misconduct in WV. Repeal Deputy Sheriff status of railroad police.
Obtain final (2015) report of JOINT SELECT COMMITTEE ON TAX REFORM
Investigate function of SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD OFFICE of Attorney General
Role if Financial Adviser to State of West Virginia
Financial Adviser failed to address:
Pending decline of coal
Saudi oil glut to bankrupt American extractors
PEIA Fiscal problems
$250,000,000 2016 budget deficit
Impact of horse racing in WV
Why fewer and shorter 2015 interim sessions
Address impact ot Repeal of Business and Inventory Tax upon real property
Traffic control device at Middleway
Changes to WV Public Service Commission which can be done by governor

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