Thanks to your calls, this morning (Friday, March 24), West Virginia’s Medical Cannabis bill (SB 386) was passed by a squeaker 6 to 5 vote. As a result, it will now be recommended by the Senate Health & Human Services Committee to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Now is the time to call Senator Trump (R-Morgan) at (304) 357 7980.

Trump is chairman of the Senate Judiciary, so to make this happen, you now need to urge him to place SB 386 on the Senate Judiciary committee agenda asap. Unless this bill gets passed out of Judiciary, it will die in that Committee, which is one of several favorite ways that WV’s bad lawmakers have staved off good laws forever.

This update and request for action notice came from Mountain Party Executive Chair Jesse Johnson, who is personally shepherding this, and other important progressive bills through the Statehouse this session, based on resolutions within the Mountain Party Platform.

Since 2014, WV Mountain Party leaders have resolved to support legislation backing the legalization and use of medical marijuana. Now it is time to urge the WV Statehouse to pass the WV Medical Cannabis Act (Senate Bill 386), which must clear the WV Health and Human Services Committee before it reaches a vote before the Senate.

Although you no longer need to call the following WV WV Senate Health and Human Resources Committee membersĀ  to urge passage of the Medical Cannabis Act SB 386 in that Committee, you may wish to call to ask each how they voted in Committee:

Chair Senator Takubo – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7990

Vice-Chair Senator Maroney – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7902

Senator Azinger – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7970

Senator Clements – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7827

Senator Karnes – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7906

Senator Palumbo – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7854

Senator Plymale – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7937

Senator Prezioso – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7961

Senator Rucker – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7957

Senator Stollings – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7939

Senator Trump – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7980

Senator Unger – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7933

Senator Weld – Capitol Phone:

(304) 357-7984

Thank you,
Jesse Johnson, Executive Chair
WV Mountain Party

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